Scheepsmakelaardij Fikkers
Scheepsmakelaardij Fikkers
Hoge der A 37, 9712 AE, Groningen, Netherlands
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schokker (torpedisten) 1882 17.50m €59,000Netherlands
TUG Unique industrie engine 1905 16.25m €57,000Netherlands
sailing charter clipper 1902 40.76m €339,000Netherlands
Recreational travelling motor ship 1965 17.35m €97,000Netherlands
excellent sailor, complete and certified barge 1905 27.6m €199,000Netherlands
two masted (charter) schooner equipped for expedions to Arctic area 1910 47m €1,200,000Netherlands
Live aboard barge, light and bright interior 1930 29.00m €249,500Netherlands
Barge liveaboard /travel Europese waterways 1902 17.85m €149,000Netherlands
sturdy live aboard motorship 1967 22.20m €220,000Netherlands
luxe motor, excellent canalbarge, rivercruiser 1910 15m €45,000Netherlands
nice sturdy tugboat for a small price 1947 14.81m €69,000Netherlands
Fast sailor with a spacious authentic living 1904 27.28m €275,000Netherlands
magnifient seagoing barquentine (140 passengers) 1980 47.00m €1,900,000Netherlands
Barge live aboard sailing ship 1898 23.85m €120,000Germany
Since 1895 ! CLIPPER low maintance (sandblasted) 1895 18.60m €177,000Netherlands
liveaboard barge type clipper (TRIWV) 1909 24.99m €172,500Netherlands
Luxe motorboat liveaboard (TRIWV) 1925 24.2m €95,000Netherlands
liveaboard traveling tug 1915 13.70m €39,000Netherlands
beautiful live aboard Stevens barge 1879 22.65m €130,000Netherlands
TRIWV certified, beautiful schip for cruising europe, live aboard 1925 21.03m €65,000Netherlands
Bekebrede oceangoing sailing yacht 2006 18.15m €480,000Netherlands
Hotel-dinner cruising barge 1911 57.88m €2,100,000Netherlands
live aboard travel barge river clipper TRIWV 1898 21.74m €69,900Netherlands
Sailing barge with mooring in West-Graftdijk 1925 18m €42,000Netherlands
7 persons sailingyacht 1956 9.88m €37,000Netherlands
sea sailor, suitable for live aboard 1951 14.00m €92,000Netherlands
German seagoing tug TRIWV (SBG) 1962 17.50m €95,000Germany
Beautiful motorship, ideal for traveling and live a board 1966 14.80m €145,000Netherlands
live aboard sailing barge 1893 19' 50" Netherlands
Great former rescue lifeboat, excellent to discover ! 1940 14.98m €59,000Netherlands
lovely recreation/ liveaboard motorship/barge 1947 16.30m €79,000Netherlands
the result of perseverance, love and craftsmanship 2008 14.25m €100,000Netherlands
Wonderful live aboard TRIWV certificated luxe motor 1928 32.82m €215,000Netherlands
Gorgeous living recreation tug 1938 19.70m €195,000Netherlands
tug type Amsterdammer 1910 14.30m €45,000Netherlands
Seagoing live a board cutter 1981 24.95m €195,000Netherlands
spacious live aboard, travel motorship 1899 26.85m €105,000Netherlands
recreation tug Happinez 15.40m €74,000Netherlands
comfortable recreation tug 1913 15.40m €58,000Netherlands
barge easy sailing touring ship 1927 18.77m €85,000Netherlands
sport fishing barge ''Adventure'' 1900 27.82m €75,000Netherlands
Well maintained ship ready to sail 13.00m €40,000Netherlands
FANTASTIC STEAMBOAT day passenger cruising 150 persons 1911 30.30m Germany
luxury hotelship with restaurant 36/100 pers. 1930 55.20m €1,300,000Belgium
Small and compact, perfect for touring in Europe 1916 17.50m €99,000Netherlands
Sailing-chartership type schokker 1994 17.50m €410,000Netherlands
lovely recreation/ liveaboard motorship/barge 1906 16.39m €105,000Netherlands
Clipper sailing - chartership 30-45 pers. 1911 38.00m €475,000Netherlands
sturdy tug with rich history, fully equipped, spacious aft deck 1905 19.48m €55,000Netherlands
sailing lounge bar 1913 17.09m €50,000Netherlands
Clipper, excellent houseboat or recreation 1910 27.45m €195,000Belgium
Motor sailer Veerhaven Rotterdam 1979 14m €169,000Netherlands
complete, luxurious and beautifully motorship 1916 26.00m €495,000Netherlands
Sailingship type brigantijn daytrips 26 per. Area A1   28.00m €285,000Netherlands
complete and comfortable living ship Spriveri 1930 18.50m €225,000Netherlands
Clipper, great living aboard,TRIWV certified, well maintained. 1913 23.65m €185,000Netherlands
Clipper day/expedition/excursion 32 pers. charter 1905 42.50m €225,000Netherlands
Fully equipped vessel, incredible ability 1950 50.00m €580,000Netherlands
4 persons live aboard travel Bristol pilot cutter 1999 12.60m €79,000Netherlands
Colin Archer 38 Pilothouse 1993 13.4m €138,000Netherlands
pleasant and well maintained (blasted) living / recreational vessel 1887 15m €79,000Netherlands
sailing charter company 100 pers. 1931 40.75m Netherlands
skûtsje sailingbarge lovely recreation barge 1897 13.10m €49,000Netherlands
Seagoing live aboard tug 1961 21.72m €195,000Netherlands
Nice well maintained motorship, spacious and fast sailing 1913 14.87m €75,000Netherlands
live aboard, seagoing tug 1930 18.83m €65,000Netherlands
Colin Archer Motorboat 1995 11.35m €95,000Netherlands
EXCITING RED SCHOONER SAILING WORLDWIDE 1964 38.00m €1,200,000Netherlands
magnificent antique steamtug 1929 18.00m €95,000Netherlands
nice recreation sailing barge 1904 14.25m €35,000Netherlands
recreation tug 1946 16.20m €69,000Netherlands
seagoing live a board cutter with bowthruster 1964 21.00m €98,000Netherlands
live aboard barge with TRIWV 1898 22.66m €60,000Netherlands
Recreation/ tour tug 1946 16.20m €69,000Netherlands
recreation tug, new interior en steeringhouse 1928 14.80m €29,000Netherlands
Ship with potential, who can give her a new hull ? 1899 31.30m €65,000Netherlands
Well maintained motorboat 1930 13.08m €45,000Netherlands
sailing charter clipper 1900 37.98m Netherlands
Spacious living a board / travel ship, technically excellent 1900 25m €189,500Netherlands
luxe motor, excellent live aboard, traveling to...? 1928 24.00m €350,000Netherlands
Sailingyacht SN 1 fast, spacious,family, race allure 2005 16.50m €380,000Netherlands
Luxe motor, living / recreation for the long trip 1929 19.00m €159,000Netherlands
Ex professional barge 1950 16.88m €65,000Netherlands
aak Den Onthaestingh 1918 20.00m €125,000Netherlands
Ocean-going 3-mast topsail schooner Gulden Leeuw 1937 69.90m €4,550,000Netherlands

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