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This is a 230’ AHST Offshore Supply Vessel built in 1979 in Norway and re-powered in 1992. It is I.R.S. Class and has 145 tons max Bollard Pull. Clear deck space is 840 m2. There are berths for 28 including hospital. Vessel is fully equipped and has full FiFi capabilities. The ship is priced for quick sale.... read more

Length: 230'
Location: Nigeria
Price: $2,400,000
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ID: 411919  (Trade)
Posted: 20 hours ago

262' DP2 AHST
This is a 262’ DP2 16,320 BHP Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel built in Norway in 2003. It is ABS A1 Class. It has a powerful Bollard Pull of 179 tons. It is extremely well equipped for all offshore supply, support and anchor operations and missions. There is 5,800 square feet of clear deck space and 2 deck cranes. Accommodations are for 33 including a 1 - berth hospital in fully air-conditioned comfortable quarters. There is full towing equipment, high capacity FiFi capability, massive bow and stern thrusters and high lift rudders for extreme maneuverability. This is a fully operationa... read more

Length: 262'
Location: UK
Price: $29,000,000
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ID: 411882  (Trade)
Posted: 20 hours ago

160' Offshore AHST
This is a 160’ Multi-Purpose Anchor Handling Supply Tug built in 1984 in the UK. It has a Bollard Pull of 71 tons with max engine power and Bollard Pull of 53 tons with its engine in de-powered mode. Classification is Lloyds Register and IRS. There is 160m2 of clear deck space, a 6 ton deck crane, full towing and anchor handling equipment. There are also anti-pollution and fire fighting capabilities as well as various drilling liquids storage tanks. The ship is fully operational and ready for deployment. It is well priced for quick sale.... read more

Length: 160'
Location:New York USA
Price: $1,050,000
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ID: 411883  (Trade)
Posted: 20 hours ago

NB 59M 5150 BHP AHTS for resale
NB 59M 5150 BHP AHTS for resale Type Twin Screw Anchor Handling Tug Supply Built 2015 in China Flag China Class ABS Bollard Pull: 60 tonnes Accommodation 42 men Navigation unrestricted Service notation ABS + A1 (E) Offshore Support Vessel, Fi-fi vessel + AMS+ DPS-1,AH Length O.A x length W.L x breadth x depth 59.25 m x 56.00 m x 14.95 m x 6.10 m Draft designed 4.95 m Deck space 330m2 @ 7.5 ton per m2 DWT 1340 T Speed 13 knots Main engine 2 x 2575BHP Cat D3516C B RATING DITA IMO Propulsion system CPP Generator 2 x 350 KW Shaft generator 2 x 800 KW ... read more

Location:Zhejiang China
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ID: 447018  (Trade)
Posted: 20 hours ago

Platform Supply Vessel DP2
Platform Supply Vessel - DP2 Built 2013 (China) 75m LOA 700m2 deck space 774.4 FO Capacity... read more

Length: 75m
Location: Malaysia
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ID: 661785  (Trade)
Posted: 2 days ago

280ft Offshore Supply Vessel
PSV – OSV built by North American Fabricators. Clear Deck: 201 ft x 50.5 ft (61.27 m x 15.40 m), Cargo Deck Area: 10,151 sq. ft. (943 sq. m), Deck Cargo Capacity: 2,700 LT (2,743.20 MT), Deadweight Tonnage: 4,695.91 LT (4,771.27 MT). ABS: DP-2, FiFi 1, USCG Subchapter L (OSV), SOLAS, MARPOL. Two Tuggers. Deck Crane. Main Engines: Two (2) CAT C280-8 Diesels, 6,598 BHP. Two Bow Thrusters. Stern Thruster. Speed: 13 knots. All (8) tanks are capable of carrying both hazardous and pollution material. Flow-Back carriage requires USCG approval of chemical prior to carriage. ACCOMMODATIONS: 29... read more

Length: 85.34m
Location: USA
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ID: 660911  (Trade)
Posted: 6 days ago

280ft OSV
PSV – OSV. Built by North American Fabricators. Clear Deck: 203 ft x 50.5 ft (61.89 m x 15.40 m). Clear Deck: 10,251 sq. ft. (953 m2). Deck Cargo Capacity: 2,700 LT (2,743.20 MT). Deadweight Tonnage: 4,758.49 LT (4,834.85 MT). ABS. DP-2. USCG. SOLAS. MARPOL. CAPACITIES: Fuel Oil: 371,724.40 gals. (1,407.13 m3), Ballast: 303,141 gals. (1,147.51 m3), Potable Water: 34,820 gals. (131.81 m3), Dry Bulk: 11,440.10 cu. ft. @ 80 psi (324.2 m3 @ 5.5 bars), Liquid Mud: 15,415 barrels (2,450.79 m3). Tuggers; Two (2) x 4 Tons, Ship Motion: Two (2) Passive Type Anti-Roll Tanks, Ship Motion: Bilge Kee... read more

Length: 85.34m
Location: USA
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ID: 660915  (Trade)
Posted: 6 days ago

70mtr PSV, DPS2
Built in 2009, currently located in Indonesia, this 70mtr PSV with DPS2 is now available for prompt delivery. Class ABS +A1, Fire Fighting Vessel Class1, Offshore Support Vessel, (E), +AMS, +DPS2. LOA 70mtr x 16.6mtrs. Deck area of 560m2 with 5tm2 loading. Powered by twin Niigata (2169hp ea) twin Niigata ASD ZP31 propulsion units with 2 x Nakashina Bow Thrusters. Tank Capacities; (m3) Fuel Oil -813 Fresh Water -417 Sewage- 6739 Foam- 9.78 Ballast Water- 699.6 Liquid Mud- 495 Cement- 231.6 Dispersant- 10.9 Brine- 164.9 Drill water- 699.6 Base oil- 155. 25t p/d watermaker. Acco... read more

Length: 70m
Location: Indonesia
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ID: 647662  (Trade)
Posted: 8 days ago

174' Fast Crew Supply Ship
DESCRIPTION This is a 174’ Fast Crew Supply Vessel built in 2010 by DAMEN. It is BureaVeritas Class with unrestricted navigation. It is one of the successful Axe Bow designs that have great offshore sea keeping abilities. It is fuel efficient, fast and handles heavy seas very well with less hull acceleration and motion for a more comfortable motion then conventional designs. Max speed is 28 knots and range is 3,100 nm at 25-26 knots. Greater range is possible at lower speed or utilizing part of the cargo fuel. There are bunks for 8 crew members and business class seating for 60 &ldqu... read more

Length: 174'
Location:Barcelona Spain
Price: $7,000,000
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ID: 636272  (Trade)
Posted: 8 days ago

PSVs open FOR CHARTER / contact GRS / #PSV
A platform supply vessel typically transports construction materials and equipment such as pipes, cement, fuels, lubricants, fresh water, food and spare parts. A PSV has various tank containers and powerful pumps below the cargo deck for all liquid transport goods so that it can carry out loading and unloading operations at an offshore structure independently. The large open cargo deck can be used to stow unwieldy cargoes and containers. Deck cargo is loaded and unloaded by means of the loading crane on the offshore structure and supported by the vessel’s own dynamic positioning syst... read more

Length: 85m
Location:Hamburg Germany
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ID: 630062  (Trade)
Posted: 12 days ago

This is a Multi-Purpose 157’ Ocean Supply Vessel built in Japan in 1978 and rebuilt in 2005. It has a DWT capacity of 558 tons. It is NK Class with current certificates. There are twin engines with control pitch propellers with steering nozzles delivering 6,000 bhp and 70 tons of bollard pull. There is a bow thruster with 4.5 tons of force for additional maneuverability. There are berths for 27 passengers and crew in fully air conditioned accommodations. The vessel has fire- fighting equipment, salvage gear including salvage pumps and tow winches. There is a 5 ton deck crane and there ar... read more

Length: 157'
Location: UAE
Price: $1,150,000
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ID: 389950  (Trade)
Posted: 13 days ago

This is a 220’ Platform Supply Vessel built in 1998 in Norway. It has been converted to low NOx emission. The vessel is in excellent condition and has had recent dry dock and special survey with current DNV Class certificates.... read more

Length: 220'
Location: Norway
Price: $17,500,000
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ID: 389949  (Trade)
Posted: 13 days ago

83m / DP 2 Platform Supply Vessel for Sale / #1087928
LOA 83,4 m Beam 18 m Draft 6,7 m Built in year 2020 Design is : Ulstein PX121 Class : DNV-GL (VL) Flag : Singapore Gross Tonnage of 3.845 and Nett Tonnage of 1.284 Dynamic Positioning of class : DP 2 Free Deck area about 850m² Fire Fighting System installed 1 Crane / Gear installed Deadweight : 4.200 metric tonnes Total 30 berths Speed : 14,5 knots Engines : 4 x Unknown Builder, Propellers 1 Azimuth Elec. Dr. (Port Side) + 1 Azimuth Elec. Dr. (Starboard) Auxiliaries Engines : Bowthruster + No Sternthruster (2 Bow Tunnel thruster)... read more

Length: 83.4m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Price: $18,000,000
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ID: 654489  (Trade)
Posted: 15 days ago

1982 Offshore - AHTS For Charter
1066BSB Offshore - AHTS For Charter FROM DIRECT OWNERS Vessel is now without Class but could be delivered with fresh Class and dry dock, subject to price agreement. TOWING/ANCHOR HANDLING WINCH Towing winch: Karmoy Winch A/S Tripple drum AH/Towing winch Stern roller: 2,20 * 4,00m beam Tugger winch: 1* portside, 10 t at 018m/min Tow wire: 1200m*58mm Bollard pull: 115 continuo, 120 maximo SPECIAL EQUIPMENT Lifting crane capacity: 1* hydraulic, 5 t at 10m Rescue boat: 1* FAST RESCUE BOAT ALUSAFE MOB 580,110HPA DECK Deck space (abt): ABT.37.00 * 11,30 M 123*37FT Max. Cargo o... read more

Length: 65.80m
Location:ECSA Uruguay
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ID: 567631  (Trade)
Posted: 16 days ago

80mtr PSV Diesel /Electric DP2
Three sisterships available from owner direct shipyard. Built to high quality under Lloyds Classification. New build vessels ready for delivery. The vessels measure 80mts x 16.2mtrs with service draft of 5 mtrs. Classification- Lloyds 100 A1 Offshore Supply Ship, SG28(Mud Tanks), ECO (IHM,OW,P), WDL, LMC, UMS, DP (AA), Fire Fighting Ship 1, *IWS,IBS,NAV-1, CAC 3 with descriptive notes, Green Passport and Prepared for Oil Recovery. 2 x150kW Azumith Thrusters with 2 x 735kW Tunnel Thrusters. Power plant is 2 x Caterpillar C3512 C TA HD 1424bkW and 2 x Caterpillar C32 TTA, 994bkW engines. D... read more

Length: 80m
Location: China
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ID: 630317  (Trade)
Posted: 17 days ago

280ft PSV
Platform Supply Vessel - Offshore Supply Vessel. Built: 2008, Converted/Modified: 2019. Shipyard: North American Fabricators. Flag: U.S. ABS. USCG. SOLAS. MARPOL. DPS-2. Deck Crane. Main Engines: Two (2) x Caterpillar C280-8 3,299 HP each. Bow Thrusters. Stern Thruster. Swing Down Combination Thruster. Speed: 13 knots. Accommodations: 29 Bunks... read more

Length: 85.34m
Location: USA
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ID: 660005  (Trade)
Posted: 18 days ago

280ft PSV
PSV-OSV built by North American Fabricators. Flag: U.S. ABS. USCG. SOLAS. MARPOL. DPS – 2. Deck Provision Crane. Two (2) x CAT 3608, 3,299 HP (each). Bow Thruster. Stern Thruster. Swing Down Combination Thruster. Speed: 13 knots. 29 Bunks - (8 x 2 Person, 3 x 4 Person, & 1 x 1 Person).... read more

Length: 85.34m
Location: USA
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ID: 659849  (Trade)
Posted: 18 days ago

1984 OFFSHORE Supply and Support Vessel 40.00 m
1056BSB 1984 OFFSHORE Supply and Support Vessel 40.00 m For Sale & Charter FROM DIRECT OWNERS CARGO AND TANKS CAPACITIES Deck Cargo (tons) 100 Deck Area (m2) 129 m2 OTHER DETAILS The Vessel is certified as RECOVERY OIL / MARPOL VESSEL. Oil/Marpol recovery tank capacity 230m3. Last dry dock June 2019 RPM: 1800 Bollard Pull: 13.5 tons Bow Thruster: 1.5 ton (300hp) ELECTRICAL GENERATION 2 x 634 DSBIM.G 1... read more

Length: 40m
Location:EUROPE Spain
Price: €500,000
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ID: 541181  (Trade)
Posted: 21 days ago

For Charter: AHTS DUKE
New built anchor handling tug, available for charter from June 2013. length: 34.30 m Breadth: 11.00 m, Class: Bureau Veritas unrestricted navigation. Ice-Class: 1A Super. Bollard Pull: 83.1 T.... read more

Length: 34.30m
Location: Netherlands
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ID: 282078  (Trade)
Posted: 23 days ago

Multi Role ERRV Offshore Fifi2 supply towing arrangment
The vessel was new certificated in DNV GL in 2015 until 2020. Pitchable Azimuth foreward: 1 x Deutz 1217M diesel, 973 HP Prospect Sea Pilot: http://www.chriship.no/doc/seapilot/spesifikasjoner.pdf DNV -GL http://vesselregister.dnvgl.com/VesselRegister/vesseldetails.html?vesselid=10142... read more

Length: 59.7m
Location:Stavanger Rogaland Norway
Price: $450,000
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ID: 507561  (Trade)
Posted: 24 days ago

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